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Nxt 20 Walk Thru Review

... I wrote this for the Yamaha forum but though i might share it here too.
I have Owned a 2013 Yamaha and I currently own a 2013 X-30 for a perspective of my "pasted" review below..

OK- I'm back from my visit to the dealer...Got my X-30 back from service too...

I went all through the NXT20 while I was there (they were installing the Swim Platform while I was in it.
I should note 1st-
-I have a 2013 X-30 Completely Loaded,
-I owned a Yamaha 2013 242LS (which is a loaded 240 from Yamaha)

They NXT20 they had (in above Photos) looks bigger in Person than its 20' spec (more freeboard)
Color Scheme was dark Gray hull, with Light Gray and white Top deck
Interior was White Carbon Seats with Black Seat backs. I have both Materials in My MC, and I have Vinyl Brown/Mocha.
- the Hottest Material in MY MC is the The Brown Vinyl. The Carbon and Black Material are some Hi Tech fabrics that do not hold heat from some reason..... I assume this Boats Colors would be fine.....
- The Trailer is an Option, this one had Tandem, Aluminum RiMs, and otherwise had the Features of my Top Shelf MC trailer...including a Matching Spare and Front step to Boat...Very Nice Trailer

_-This Boat had the Surf and Conv packages added, Surf Tabs, ballast, Fusion Radio, JL speakers, Swivel Surf and Board racks..
(Rack use the traditional Bungee system, quick release is NOT an option, bummer as we love ours)
- Tower is much nice than it Looks, very strong and Beefy, NO PLAY when I shook it very hard..
Tower Colapses REAR for Storge, but must be Towed UP... 2 easy to use, no tools require, Pins make this happen.

- Carpet Kit for Floor fit Nice, Like MY 242 and X30
- Seat bottoms were exactly like my X30, very nice, Seat Backs were thinner than my X30, Drive and Observer positrons Felt the Same as my X30..nice.

Seats all came in and out of the Positions with little or no hassle , all locked in Firm with no play in there position.
-Observer seat and Back open as a "GullWing with Dual Gas assisted struts, just like X30,.
-Storage for Boards and gear goes straight thru to Port bow seat. Decent room compared to my X30
- Bow Seating is wide due to Pickle design . X30 is Longer and has a bit more room. 4 kids or 2 Adults can sit up there...
- My 242 had room for 4 Adults in the Bow (IMO)
- Cockpit Seating Looked to be very comfortable for Drive plus 5 Adults. Nice Wrap around Couch style. Again the Seat backs are not as thick as an X series boat.

- Built in Form fitted IGLOO MARINE cooler in Starboard Bench, smaller than my X30 and No Built in Trash can. But nice for what it is.
- Port Bench and Bow seats are all Open for Storage.
ALL Compartments are Line with the Same Carpet treatment in my X30, all Decks and Hatches are Foam/core backed...together help to keep the boat Quiet under way....Hopefully like my X30

- Engine is a 5.7 Ilmore 320 HP. No options. But is the Same engine that comes in each of the current X2, X25, X14, x10, x30 models.
. I have an Ilmore 6.2 430hp in my X30 , it is very quiet at Crusing speeds 28-32 mph
- My 242LS was much louder in the conversation range of hearing, it is something we (my wife and I)both noticed the minute we got up to speed
-The MC boat wins the quiet factor for us hands down.

the 3 Hatches that Make up the rear sun pad open to More storage Port and Starboard and the Engine Bay in the Center.
- Storage bays are Carpeted completely here as Well. Hatches are Gas Strut assisted as well.
- Ballsat are Hard tanks down in the Hull they are basically in visible....

Glad to answer more question....I was the 1st customer to view the Boat, they have not Lake tested it Yet.
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