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That's my old boat!! It was a runner for sure. I would have to say it never overheated, unless the valve covers and intake were repainted. I say that because when the pcm's overheat the valve covers look like they have varnish on them. They turn A shade darker. When I traded my 82 in for a new 87 the mastercraft dealer asked if my boat had overheated, just by looking at valve covers. My 83 overheated after the water pump belt flew off when the boat was running. It was hot enough to melt holes in the exhaust hoses. I ran the 83 another 12-13 years with never having an engine problem.
At one time maybe the solonoid took a dump? Heck, even the stickers are on it. Cheap plastic?That boat ran great, strong and the fiberglass was by far the nicest I have ever seen for a boat more than a few years old. Most of the interior was original except the seat bottoms. On many of the dashes of that era, the skier times and picture of the skier are faded or un readable. This one looks like it had hardly ever been in the sun, which is exactly like the fiberglass looks. Somebody will get a nice boat!
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