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From the new man upstairs

"We're reviewing our product-development process. We will gather input up front that will allow us to develop the right product at the right price and the right time," he said.

The effort involves partnering with key suppliers and continual management of quality though defect measurement and other factors, he said.

MasterCraft is currently producing about 1,800 boats per year, the company plans to increase production to 1,900 boats per year.

Marketing also is key to McNew's strategy.

MasterCraft is taking aim at the water-sports market, including wakeboarding and wakesurfing, two of the fastest-growing segments. The company is under contract with 16 of the world's top water-sports athletes and has introduced its new X-30 and X-10 series of boats to serve the growing market, he said.

Other opportunities include the high end of the family boat market.

At the same time, the company will introduce lower-cost boats that build on MasterCraft's brand-name recognition as a supplier of high-quality boats.

"We will be like the Mercedes C-class of boats," McNew said.

While some competitors have introduced low-cost boat lines under new brand names, McNew believes the MasterCraft brand will deliver value even for cost-conscious customers.

"Even if we are five to seven thousand (dollars) above the others, they will still pick us," he said.
I guess we'll all see. And while I don't disagree with you on the "needing a new boat for 20 years if you buy a new 25" think about the interest you are spending on top of that 125k. Think I just got sick

I mean seriously?

Loan duration 20.00 years
Principal due $.00
Principal paid $125,000.00
Down payment $25,000.00

The total cost on a loan with a principle of 100000, a total of 240 monthly payments, and a yearly interest rate of 5% is:

only 58 in interest. not bad haha
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