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Originally Posted by PA Prostar View Post
Like Dave Krieg?
You have the best argument for Dave Krieg.

Originally Posted by shepherd View Post
Like Neil O'Donnell
Not even close.

Now to back up my statement that Aikman in Canton is a joke, here are his numbers vs. others that are not in Canton and their numbers, GP = games played

Aikman GP165, YDS 32942 TD 165, INT 141, RATING 81.6
Ken Anderson GP 192, YDS 32838, TD 197, INT 160, RATING 81.9
Randal Cunningham GP 161, 29979, TD 207, INT 134, RATING 81.5
BOOMER Esiason GP 187, YDS 37920, TD 247, INT 184 RATING 81.1
Phil Sims GP 164, YDS 33462, TD 199, INT 157, RATING 78.5
Dave Krieg GP 213, YDS 38147, TD 261, INT 199, RATING 81.5

So, if Aikman played on one of the best rushing teams ever (Emmit Smith) and his numbers aren't that great, why is he in Canton? So he was on a great team, so what. If anything Dave Krieg should have been in there LONG before Aikman. So should have Esiason based on yards passing and TD's.

I found the comparison between Sims and Aikman to be interesting. Same type QB, in similar offenses, yet Aikman is in and Sims is not. They both won Superbowls, isn't that a prerequisite? That rule seems to apply to everyone except Marino and Fouts apparently. And I'm not saying Sims should be in either. He was a good QB on a very good team just like Aikman.

I have some the other way. Why are Joe Namath and Bob Geise in the HOF?

Greise GP 161, YDS 25092, TD 192, INT 172, RATING 77.1
Namath GP 140, YDS 27663, TD 173, INT 220, RATING 65.5

Look at their ratings, Namath's INTs.....220! Why is Namath in there? Because he made a bold prediction, wore fur coats, and ran out of the staduim with #1 finger pointed up?....and nice rating.....65.5. So I take back that Aikman is the worst QB in the HOF, Namath may be worse...but there are still others that should be there before him. So Namath pulled off a huge upset in the SuperBowl. Based on that, Eli Manning should walk into the HOF after 5 years and one minute after retiring for beating the patriots in the SuperBowl a couple years ago.
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