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Axis is not a $100k boat but its not less than $60k anymore either
Calling bs on that. You aren't getting loaded for less than 60 but you'll be on the water. Also please see sanger, moomba, mb

My company agrees that I shouldn't even look at moomba though

When boating I mostly see older MC, CC's and BU's in that order on my waterways. I do believe there is quality difference.
All the early 2000 MC's look great b/c the interiors have all been replaced lol. I agree that these 3 are the best in build quality. I see alot of older moombas and tiges on the water and most look crappy but it seems both have stepped up their games exponentially in product quality. By no means is it apples to apples but they are getting better

We'll see what the new CEO does... hey a new X-25 only costs $527 month with a 5% rate...I'll let you all calculate the term .
I'm guessing either you or the boat dies before the terms end haha
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