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02pro - you are so correct. I had a nice discussion with the folks in the MC booth. However, they could do something to take a chunk out of the Tahoe type segment - possibly a new brand like Axis. Lexus did come come out with the Yaris. When I was in Japan I saw all the Lexus models (many years ago now) as Toyota
No doubt. Axis/malibu, lexus/toyota are great examples of what to do. I agree 100% with that and maybe they will go that direction.

Here's what bothers me more than anything. I spend 3k on interior on my boat and have a fully functional PS that looks as good as the one in the pic. Sure I have 500 more hours on it but everything works perfect...................and its well below my price range.

Then I look at the 25. God I would love a Vdrive MC. If I went to buy that boat and traded mine in I'm still writing a 100k check. EXCUSE ME? I understand that the 25 is tits but you aren't getting into a 22' mc for less than both baby makers, my first born, and an indecent proposal. Heck I'd have to sell my busted liver just to get some fender holders while I was picking my options.

Point being that you can go get an older MC ski boat, throw some new skins in it and boom you have a new to you boat. When you want a v drive the options suck! You are looking at 35-40k for anything that resembles modern style and its going to be a 7-10 year old boat. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I'm not saying an Axis is perfect and quite frankly I think some parts of them look like cheap chit but there's a few options at 40-50k. Malibu is shooting 45-50k boats off the line don't see why mc can't. I'M SICK OF HUMPING THE HUMP MC! Get me an affordable Vdrive now!

Dear MC,
I'm going to the boat show in a month. As a loyal customer I expect an answer by then or I'm gonna start slumming with the girls that put out.

Yep, 02 Pro, but let's check the prices of '12 models in a couple years, I bet they will be lower than the ones of older year models...due to people knowing that they will buy lots of troubles with the boat because of zhe electronics that suck...
LOL thanks for that. Hey the 100k+ boats will depreciate more b/c people know they have problems. OMFG I'm on the floor laughing. Maybe I'm completely out of place in saying what I've said on this board and I'm sure MC doesn't appreciate my opinion but I really don't care. I'm brand loyal but my wallet isn't. At some point soon I'm gonna buy a new boat and traditionally my wallet wins the argument over what I buy. I can't see a touch screen 70' behind the boat!

I think that is what it is all about, the industry needs to reinvent the weel year by year to get the necessary sales, what would happen if everyone would stay whit it's 20 year old boat?
BINGO! The economy is not getting better no matter what Obama says. Sales have got to be hurting with these kind of % jumps in price.

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