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Originally Posted by 95_190_PS_PS View Post
Do those aftermarket systems run closed loop, or is there a way to make them run closed loop? I have a very "general" understanding of how this stuff works, do the aftermarket systems eliminate the need for O2 sensors and all that stuff, or will a MAF or MAP sensor need to be added as well as O2 sensors. I assume that the old engine would have used at least a MAF or MAP sensor, which would probably be interchangeable between systems, but if O2 sensors are required, you'd have to drill into the risers or somewhere.

Please educate me on this I know pretty much nothing about aftermarket systems.

It all depends on the system you want to run, the holley pro-injection system uses a tbi intake sold separately, but otherwise is complete and can be run in closed loop with an o2 sensor installed in a dry part of exhaust manifold or in open loop no o2 used, it is basically a speed density system using pre programmed parameters. In closed loop it adjusts mush easier, there in no maf or map, the ecm is adjustable 5 ways with screws on it. this system is good for a low hp engine around 275 hp and very basic but its only around 1k, there are a bunch of other kits and mfgs just depends on your budget. This kit is coast guard approved. Btw I don't work for holley. I recently used a similar kit on a v6 to v8 swap on an older chevy truck.
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