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Originally Posted by Sodar View Post
I went back and forth heavily when trying to decide on the Tundra vs. Sequoia. I had just sold my Tahoe and was really looking for another SUV, but after test driving the Tundra and seeing the room the CrewMax had in the second row, I was sold. I love the fact that with a truck everything can be thrown into the bed and you do not have to listen to it rattle and shift the whole time you are driving. As everyone has said, the 5.7 is thirsty and if it were not for my company's perks, I would not be happy about footing the fuel bill out of my own pocket. I usually get about 300 miles per tank towing my PS 197. No one has said this before, but when the low fuel light comes on, you have at LEAST 6 gallons in the tank. Even at conservative 12mpg, that is a lot left without filling up. I usually fill up 50 miles after the Low Fuel message comes up and I have never had less than a few gallons in the tank. Just food for thought.
Yeah, the tank is actually 26 gallons, but after initial fill-up, you won't be able to pump more than 22 gallons. Something to do with a built in reserve tank. There's a thread about it on
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