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Originally Posted by Grant777 View Post
Gas mileage tip 1: don't drive it. I get about 240miles on a full tank. Lucky gas is cheap.

A friend who owns the same truck changed the air filter and the exhaust system and claims he gets another 5-8% better fuel economy.
there is 2 of the tips, the trd cold air kit will give you the best mileage increase over the others we had seen at the time,'08-'09 when I left TRDSparks, the other is manual mode on the shifter, when you get up to cruising speed, not towing of course, slip it over in manual shift mode, what this does is it keeps the trans from needlessly down shifting to 5th and then back to 6th, also will keep the converter locked up longer, most seen 2-4 mpg improvement in steady state driving using this technique........around town your kinda stuck with what you have, you may can try some non-ethanol gas to see how it helps, should help some, the truck we had at the tundra meet in myrtle beach with the TRD supercharger on it would average 17-19 in beach traffic, this was with stock exhaust and air box.

the other is the TRD charger, but your not supposed to run a cold air intake or exhaust with it as it may throw off the TRD calibration they have to load for the charger and pop the check engine light on.......

on a side note, anyone have one without a factory alarm? but keyless entry and the 5.7?

Look here>>>>>

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