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Originally Posted by DemolitionMan View Post
What brands do you see fail the most?
Always a tricky question that usually results in angry rebuttal from people who are invested in those brands, exacerbated by the fact that their consumer-level price point makes them among the best sellers. I usually see replies like "I have over 300 rounds through my Bushmaster/Wyndham and it works flawlessly" or "my Rock River Arms will shoot 1 MOA all day long", as if those are valid tests of an AR15. I will say that around here we see a LOT of DPMS rifles since they're located about 60 miles from me. They have a pretty high failure rate when pushed. They're price point consumer-grade rifles. Corners are cut. The frustrating thing is that often a DPMS rifle MSRP will be within $200 of the Colt 6920 that you can buy are Walmart for $1100. Personally, I take pride in owning high-quality firearms. My criteria isn't "probably good enough".

The BEST brands out there IMHO are Colt, Noveske, Daniel Defense, Bravo Company, LMT and probably Spike's Tactical. They are generally recognized as being "professional grade" firearms. IMHO, like buying a Milwaukee or DeWalt cordless drill instead of the cheapest one on the page of the Harbor Freight catalogue.
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