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$20k is a very good offer considering the condition- as said above, i would take it and move on. These boats haven't changed much over the years and you can find immaculate boats a couple of years older for $20k if you are patient. Considering what you would spend to just get it into "average" condition, I'd be surprised if you got much over $25-$27k. That would be with everything refinished including the trailer. I would think you would be in it another $5k (refinish, trailer parts, misc brackets,etc) so any additional increase in sales price would be eaten up by the expenses. Also you need to consider this boat will never be considered "like new" or pristine so you would be fooling yourself that it would command anything close to what a well taken care of one would. Let me see if I can explain it better to you:

You go to a car dealer and there are two identical cars sitting there. Both look to be new.

The salesman says the first one one was traded in by the original owner, kept in the garage, never wrecked, and had a full service record showing the only thing ever done to it was change the oil/filter. Paint is perfect original finish as well. Car has 25k miles and runs great.

The other car has had 2 or 3 owners, no service history, does have a new motor and was recently repainted outside and has new leather seats. car as the same miles as the other and runs great.

To the buyer, they both look good. Which one would you buy? Would you expect both to command the same price? Would you think both cars will have the same reliability as each other down the road?

Now the dealer may get lucky and someone not too savvy on cars to offer close to the first one (if they didn't know the first one was available or bought into the dealer's BS telling them having the engine rebuilt and car repainted was better) but now consider the buyer is a car (or MC boat in your case) enthusist. Would you likely get the same outcome? Would you pay the same amount for the second car as the first? See my point?

I bought an original owner 2001 205V with all the bells and whistles at the peak of spring for $20k. Didn't need new skins, engine, or anything else. Looks like a new boat inside and out. All the service records, spare prop, etc. These kind of deals are out there. Would I pay even pay $20k for a 5 year newer boat that was beat? No. Another factor working against you is that there is nothing is significantly different (hull, engine, electronics interior) between a 2001 and 2006 so all you would be getting is a newer vin# and a boat that wasn't taken care of. If i were you i'd Take the $20k and run.

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