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Well we are going to stay in the new house tonight. We have spent all day moving. I never would have dreamed we had that much stuff.

Big thanks to my friends that came and helped out(even though they will probably never read this). Used my truck, my suburban, buddies truck and enclosed trailer and got it all in two trips with the truck and ons trip with the burb.

I havnt introduced y'all to the burban yet, so I guess now will be a good time. I'm trying to sell my 3/4 ton diesel and if I ever get it sold I'll be able to get a newer boat. So I've been looking for something to drive. I traded for this suburban back in October and I have about $1500 in it the way it sets. So I figured why keep trying to sell it when I could drive it? It runs and drives! 1969 suburban, 350, 4speed, 4x4, power steering, manual brakes. Now it's not the prettiest but it'll tow the boat just fine after I do a few things to er. Here she is all loaded down

I emptied the burban out and got my shield from Matt while the wife was putting away kitchen items. Home improvement #1

A few of the boxes the wife had to put away
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