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Originally Posted by Double D View Post

That's way to weird. Maybe we can both sue MC since we both own 1994 ProStar 205's, and we both broke our ankles while wakeboarding? I was 40 when it happened and was in no way doing your type of trick, but it was a jump I have been doing for years. Just got way out of shape and broke all (they said) three bones in my left ankle.
The hospital saved my binding by unscrewing the sides instead of cutting it, so I still use the same board and bindings. It did however, affect my ability at wakeboarding but mostly from a mental state... Plus the screws get pushed on when I tighten the binding too much.

Some pics: I think we have a case!!
So did you break the talus too or was it isolated to your tibia and fibula.

That stuff scares me
This forum is amazing with quality people.: I did not think i'd ever own an Inboard. Now I finally have a gorgeous 94 205 I am glad I have ya'll backing me up.
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