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Originally Posted by mgorczak1 View Post
+1 on that....if I could sell my house and find decent job anywhere but Illinois and a few other states... I would in a second... i.e. our crap governor raised tollway prices 100% in one decisive action - end result - lower revenue after...increased traffic on surface streets already. .50 for toll before to .95 starting Jan 1, 2012.

If you're collecting entitlement you're ok. If you're lower middle class you're ok. If your middle to upper middle class screwed. If your wealthy you most likely left the state already. Income tax also went from 3% to 5%. So much for doing things to stimulate the economy...more money to tollway..more money to state for the entitled ones...---screaming---

I won't even go in Chicago politics...the longer I stay in the state the more I have to get used to sodomy.

I hate this state....!!!!! and I hate this federal government... Love the country... but am beside myself. Screw the lame-stream media even Fox for writing off Ron Paul -

I have a good life...I just can't make it any better.... for me due to this crap government... I am grateful to have some $$$ to gas up my 1995 and get some skiing in.

My only hope is an early spring and warmer water to ski more in 2012....
I really couldnt agree more, or say it any better. Everytime I go to the lake house in WI I just kick myself when I have to go home, not saying money and jobs up there are doing great and life is perfect, its not. I just cannot seem to figure out how only in government (which is a business dont kid yourself) you can fail and just stay in business. Look at IL for constant and obvious failure yet we produce a president and more corrupt elected officials then anywhere else.


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