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Sunday I took all the tires off the trailer and cleaned out the fender wells, calipers and waxed the trailer frame. Before putting the wheels back on I cleaned the backside of the wheels and got all the brake dust and grime off. A coat of wax on the whole wheel and it was done. The trailer really looks like the day I first saw it in Chicago even after at least 12,000 miles.

Yesterday I polished the boat with Finesse-It and my Porter Cable 7424. WHOA WHOA WHOA! I thought the boat was nice and shiney before, but this stuff brought out the luster I had never seen before. I was looking through my photo gallery of the boat this morning and I really believe the boat shines better than when it was 2 weeks old.

Today I am going to put a few coats of wax on her and call it good. Should bring even more shine out with a few coats of wax, too.

Tomorrow I am going to clean the interior and load it up for the weekend...
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