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Actually I believe it is a 5'2" board when measured across the surface as the board has an arc to it. When I measured it for the add I measured straight from floor to tip.

When I ordered the board I told them my target weight would be 220 - 225. I was told the weight range on the board would be 160 - 230 depending on the wake. I'm 6/1", was 210 last spring when I did most of my riding on this board. With my 07 X2, standard ballast and a 350 sac in the locker I had no problem what so ever getting the board to take off. If you like a very responsive, quick surf style board you'll like this one.

By the end of the summer I had managed to put on about 10 lbs and could notice the difference. Unless you're adding considerable ballast or have a better surf wake than my boat I feel the realistic weight range for this board with a moderate wake is going to be 160 - 220.
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