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Originally Posted by Traxx822 View Post
They will fit up front. Why move your sub. Leave it where it is at. Imho. You could get a beeter sub and amp ifbu want to hear it better if thays why your thinking of moving it.

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The boat had a cheap Sony 1100W sub and box in the pass side front locker area. It took up 1/2 of the entire area and was totaly enclosed. I really like a very clean "factory" look. So..

The other day I cut a hole in the foot board just infront of the driver area and build a subwoofer box which mounts just behind. It worked out great. Plus now the subwoofer is not boxed in and I have a huge storage area for my kids stuff. I am very happy with how it has turned out so far. I can post some pics when my new speakers come.
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