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Thought I would put some closure to this for my problem, since we never heard back from Sammy! 95 Prostar with LT-1. After eliminating fuel problems, The folks at Flash Marina ran it on the computer, checked all codes, found lots of fun stuff relating to running way to hot. They cleaned out old impeller bits (previous owner replaced the impeller, but didn't wonder where the parts went), checked for other obstructions, and looked at the thermostats. The previous owners installed an automotive 180 degree thermostat in the upper. So the boat was running at 180 and heat soaking above that.

I REALLY wanted to put the right thermostat in and test the boat this weekend, so up to CT for the closest thermostat available (apparently I could have bought an automotive and drilled it, but I wanted to do this right). Installed the thermostat today and spent a little over an hour tolling around Lake Hopatcong, starting, stopping, idling, shutting down and restarting, etc. Temp statyed aroudn 160 - 165 with a bit of heat soak, but nothing alarming. Boat ran GREAT!!! Very excited to put this behind me, and that I have learned ALOT about this boat and basic repair and troubleshooting!

Thanks to all who provided insight and ideas - Much appreciated! See you on the water!
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