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Originally Posted by Jorski View Post
Normal operating temp for the LT1 is 160 degrees. (same as the temp rating as the top t-stat)

If you are normally running 20 degrees warmer than your have a cooling system problem.

Check, raw water pump flow, look for leaks from the circulation pump, and make sure that you have the correct t-stats and that they are installed correctly and are operating for blockages in the cooling passages.

Note the top t-stat needs to be a 160 degree one, with a by-pass hole drilled in it. Make sure to get the mastercraft one...there are many automotive ones that won't work.
Jorski - you nailed it. Turns out whoever replaced the 160 thermostat replaced it with a 180. Trying to track one down before this weekend so that I can get out there and see if that really solves it.

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