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Originally Posted by jim826 View Post
Bruce is out until next week, but the guy I spoke with said they brought in a lt1 just to try out the new sensors and they worked great. I'll probably go ahead and get two to have in hand when I take my boat out of storage.

I know I have another couple of months, and part of me wants to wait and see if other options open up, but the other part says take the fix while you can...

I wish Mike could twist ACW's arm into posting a picture so I can see what I'm ordering. The link and spec sheet didn't help in that regard.
Jim honestly I would wait until closer to spring. Mike or Indmar might have a solution. Personally I am not going to pay $120 for a $40 part. I can see making a profit; but that is ridiculous.

Mike I don't know if this will be any help or not; but came across this website with detailed specs on the Northstar DIS. Maybe some of the specs can help?

I am going to start scouring the wrecking yards for V-8 Cadillacs with Northstar.
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