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Originally Posted by mzimme View Post
I've never been on a slalom ski in my life, but I'm excited to get out there this year!

I'm not sure if the lake I go on has a slalom course or not though...

I should add that I have ski'd on two in the past, but the boat I used to have couldn't pull me up from a deepwater start on just 1. I shouldn't have that problem anymore For anyone that snow ski's, what should I NOT be doing on a water ski that I do on snow skis?
As an avid snow skier I have a few suggestions, some more serious than others:

Do not wear layers
Do not ride ski lifts
Understand edge change and carving
Counter rotation of the body and hips are present in both
Moguls are bad in water skiing
One ski is plenty on water
Enjoy the newer ski shapes
Thanks to boarders we have much better bindings than in years past
Get those eyes up
Expect the first run of the season soreness

And both will make you smile.

Keep a tight line, and a smile on your face. Peace out.
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