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Originally Posted by XtwentyNot View Post
I have an anchor buddy, no one swims and I don't beach it.

So I mentioned earlier my old boat was wearing through the hull from doing this.
You could put a keel guard on to prevent this.

I didn't know any better, got it when I was 20 years old and didnt care. It had tracking fins, those never got damaged.

What did happen is big rollers would come along and slam my rudder aground. One year my steering was hard. On inspection I found the brass bearing housing that supports the rudder had broken from the abuse. It was cracked and I wouldn't have noticed but when I hit the zerk with a grease gun it forced water out of the crack all the way around it.

In fact that's how all of the people at my beach got anchor buddies that were beaching, a roller would come along and I would point out the rudder absorbing the impact and explain what repair they could expect from it. This was also not the same beach that damaged mine, so it's not isolated to one particular beach.
The rollers you see coming in on the pic are as big as they get, this is a no wake area so the boat doesn't get bounced around. On the other hand I wouldn't beach at a spot where the wakes are slamming against the shore.
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