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Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
I would replace your pump.

It is not worth going to a 1:1 stay with a slot.

Save your change and buy heads, cam, and intake. I am rolling 47 mph with a slot after my engine mods. It is much stronger than the factory 285 1:1 boats. I drive RiverRat's 205 with 285 and 1:1. My slot pulls much harder. Top end they are pretty much the same.
Thanks for the advice, that is what I wanted to hear. Engine mods will be down the road. Do you remember what cam you used? I want good top end without losing much down low.

On a related note, I have always thought it would be fun to build a full on race motor for a tournament boat. You know, if I had a lot of extra cash to do foolish stuff with, just for fun. Anybody ever seen that? Curious what kind of high speed performance you can get out of these boats. As long as I have one to ski with first.
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