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Originally Posted by imyourmaster View Post
Sodar, no offense taken by your strong opinion. Everyone has one. I think you misunderstood what my suggestion was. Yes, a member can post pictures ANYWHERE on the TeamTalk forum as you've mentioned. I am suggesting a DEDICATED thread for pictures only where no commentary can be left. This isn't something a member can start. Admin would have to set it up so that it would only accept pictures and no commentary. As I've mentioned at the start of this thread, the swimsuit thread was a great idea...but for every picture posted there are 10 pages of commentary which, in my opninion, defeats the purpose.
I'm with sodar on this one. Plus, when you post a picture it requires typing... so the idea doesn't work. Lots of good pic threads out there, and the commentary is nice because it lets members ask things like where they got a decal, or what tower that is, or how does your sub enclosure sound.... stuff like that.

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