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Originally Posted by jk13 View Post
Oooooh the Yamaha Excel 225…one of my dream motors back in the day.

No interior shots on that one? If it's bad enough a new set of sewn together skins can be $1000 on up to about 2000 if you install it yourself. More if you don't. Luckily it's a pretty simple interior or it would be more expensive, of course.

Middle of winter, no water test, etc. If the interior looks good, the motor checks out, and I didn't have a line on a proper used trailer I'd be all in around 3k max. New trailer could be that much again which would make turning it for profit tough. Much smaller market for that boat even as cool as it is like Dave said. If you could line up a used trailer for it before the deal you may be okay going a bit higher--but not much. Good news is that you might find a bass boat trailer that would work because it's not an inboard--no prop guard needed. Paint to match, MC graphics, and send it off. I think resto-modding a boat like that wouldn't hurt resale too much vs. all original. As long as it's of decent quality.
FYI on a replacement trailer, make sure the trailer has enough clearance for the two tracking fins.

Mike B
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