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That's very concerning to hear. As someone who has young kids, faced with the seemingly inevitable switch from the ski boat (197) to wakeboard boat at some point in the future, stories like this make me cringe.

I've said it before, but why do we settle for poor warranties? We're not buying Moombas or Tiges. We're buying $70,000-$120,000 boats, from "The Leader, and Pulling Farther Ahead" least that used to be the MC claim. 3 years on engine, and 1 year on all else? Really? I'm shocked that's ok with people. 20 years ago 3 year warranty on the engine would have been fine, as there weren't hardly any other gadgets that could break. Now, with the hull being formed around ballasts, and boats loaded with $20k in electronics, ballasts, stereos, etc the warranty hasn't changed. All of the boat manufacturers have no problem putting a premium price/value on the gadgets, but don't seem to back them.

I get that some will say the tank could have split because water froze inside (Note the owner says that's not the cause). Or that he should have bought an extended question is Why? This is the best boat out there, right? Why is 1 year warranty ok on an $80k boat?
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