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So coming back to this and surfgates...

I lost my BoB V5 (sank, my fault) and never really got the wave dialed in...looked good though!

So, I bought a Nauticurl and attached it to a life jacket like instructed. Nauticurl popped off. Again my fault I think. I don't think I pressed the cups down against the boat before flipping the levers. But I attached it to a plastic buckle on the life jacket and the buckle broke and it sank. Fffffffffffff. That one is in 10' of water, I might try and fish that one out. So I sank the BoB V5 and the Nauticurl within 3 weeks of each other. Needless to say my wife is not happy.

So, I tried a buddy's Mission Delta on Sunday. It does fit on the very bottom step of the hull.

Full factory ballast (650lbs) and a 750lb in each rear locker and many different places on the hull from the very back to quite far forward. It seems about 1/2 plate has consistently produced the best looking wave whether it was the BoB V5, Nauticurl or Delta.

But, the Delta didn't help add any push to the wave. The wave seemed smaller than the Nauticurl, too. I think the face area of the Delta is a bit smaller than Nauticurl.

Nauticurl is introducing a floating version of their product. I think I'm going to get another and try that route again...
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