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Originally Posted by Cc4me View Post
I only have one set installed. I noticed the "high" or "bright" sound immediately from the Rev 8's. I adjusted the treble using the HU, but that didn't create the sound stage I was looking for. I then tried the JL 7.7's. I was surprised by the difference. I was only testing at a short distance not at the end of a line, but much more balanced sound. The high pass filter is already turned on the amp. You guys are right, I'll have to decide on my priority (short or long range) and make the decision from there.

The Rev 10's are huge! I can't lower the tower with the Rev 8's installed without scuffing my seats. I can't imagine how much damage the Rev 10's would do. I also can not swivel the board racks in with a board in the top rack with the Rev8's installed.

Thank you for the input.
The treble tone control on the HU is very broad and very gradual. It might be hinged at 1 kHz and turnover (more or less flatten out) at 4 kHz with a range extending to the top of the audible limits. It's not the frequency-band-specific control that you may need. This is where a 4-band Wetsounds EQ comes in. Btw, the EQ has completely discrete EQs for the tower and in-boat zones so a tower adjustment won't influence the in-boat speakers.
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