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Originally Posted by JohnnyB View Post
Out of town....will post a floor plan on the weekend.

Definitely going with flat screen v. projector as it is a multi-use room.

All finishes will be drywall w carpet floor.
Ceiling will be insulated so I finally have a place to watch movies at my volume

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I went to a distributor's open house last week and the Sharp LED looked great. I still prefer plasma, but that ship has sailed- Panasonic announced that they're closing their plasma plant which pizzes me off, no end. Once again, more trumped better. Higher refresh rate (600Hz for plasma vs 120 or 240 Hz for LCD/LED) apparently doesn't make it through the filter in most peoples' mind, even though it's one of the most important specs.

If you can, build a small soffitt around the room at the corner where the ceiling meets the walls. Also, make sure the room's dimensions aren't whole multiples of each other and there's no two that are the same. Standing waves will annoy you and this is easy to hear- if you walk around the room and hear great variations in bass response, you have problems. They can be dealt with, but it's frustrating. Doesn't have to be terribly expensive, though. If you can, use WhisperWall, by Armstrong. It's a lot like the old Homosote ceiling tiles, but they have a variety of coverings for it. It's like the material behind the fabric used in office cubicle partitions and it's a very good sound absorber.

If you can, and the floor joists are high enough, build a "box within a box"- this means the walls and ceiling of the theater room aren't connected to the floor joists or any other framing for the other spaces. The amount of sound attenuation that results will make anyone who's not in the theater a lot happier. Isolate the HVAC ducting, too. Soft ducting makes a big difference. I made some acoustical panels to demo for a theater client and even though we ended up not using them, I placed them in my living room to minimize the bad low end response and I haven't used my subwoofer since (over 1-1/2 years).
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