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Originally Posted by cobalt650 View Post
Jeff d--sound advise! Was it tricky getting behind the seat cushions to put the backing plates/nuts on? Thanks much,
Steve D
Long arms and tough skin. No real trick that I'm aware of, you just have to reach up there and contort yourself as needed.

Also, get a grinding stone that's larger than the holes you're drilling and after drilling your holes run it in there to chamfer the gelcoat away from the hole. This will prevent cracking of the gelcoat by not allowing the bolt itself to touch the gelcoat, only fiberglass. I got a set like this at Harbor Freight:

I think I used the second one from the left in my drill. Just run it until you see a 1/16" or so of fiberglass around the perimeter of the hole.

I also backed up the fender washers with larger (approximately 4"x6") pieces of HDPE cutting board. It flexes some and conforms to the backside of the hull. I'm on my 3rd season with my tower and no cracks in the gel or anything.
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