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So I am trying to understand Scott023's comments about posting rules. The only thing I can find refers to copyright not permission from those in the photo. If I took the photo, then presumably I have copyright and can post it on this forum (assuming it is "Nothing even approaching sexually oriented material").

Expecting permission from those being photographed seems a bit much to me.

I am referring to this from the posting guidelines:

(b) Copyright. Probably 99.9% of the time, the offending pictures mentioned previously were pictures lifted from elsewhere on the web. In other words, the person posting them did not take the pictures, did not own the rights to the picture, and did not have permission to post it from the person who did own the rights to it. Until further notice, do not post pictures you don't own or have permission from the owner to post where the subject matter is of the "pin up" variety.

Am I missing something?