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Originally Posted by LaRue View Post
I am considering purchasing a 2009 BMW X5 3.0 diesel. Based on comments shared here and other research I believe it will pull out 2000 Maristar 210 with no worries.

For those in the know, is there anything I should be aware of particularly in this model?

I am somewhat confused about:

1. Suspension. Do I need to make sure vehicle has air suspension?

2. iDrive- Complicated? Troublesome?

3. Limited in type of diesel I can use?

Air suspension is a double edged sword. When working properly, it's brilliant. You can manually lower the car for easy passenger loading, raise the car if you need a bit more ground clearance and obviously it will always sit level when towing a trailer. The downside is when it stops working. The bags themselves, compressor, solenoids, etc can all fail at some point and are not cheap to replace. Mine is an 03 and had had all the equipment replaced once before I bought it, so 10 years is about the lifespan of some of the components.

I drive is much better than it used to be. On the latest version, you can control the radio and climate control without using the system, which was a huge complaint of the first gen systems. I am in Florida at the moment, driving a borrowed 2011 335i with the new I drive, and I'm having no issues leaning it's basic functions. There are now about 6 hard buttons in the front of the joystick that take you to the main menus immediately so you don't have to scroll through as much.

Not 100% sure on the fuel, but I would think any low sulfur highway fuel would work.

Browse for a bit and I'm sure all your questions will be answered.

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