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TT's (Audi's that is)

Originally Posted by Tristarboarder View Post
Here's my daily driver........Seems like there is a German theme goin on here...
I had a 2001 Nimbus grey coupe. My fav car ever. 225 hp, 6 speed, quattro, fast as stink....(and why I now drive a crappy, wimpy rabbit). Accidently hit 130 once (country highway)....had it up to 139 or so at Road America (Thats too fast for no cage, bars, belts,etc)

Bought it with 60k for 16k. Ran it up to 160k, and sold it for 6k before things got really expensive (open disclosure to the seller that it probably needed a clutch and other expensive maint). Overall, it was actually less maintenance than the rabbit and had a lower tco to date...

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