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Originally Posted by wheelerd View Post
Ah, makes sense. When I redid mine I had all the skins redone. I wanted it to be as original as possible so I made a PDF of the graphic and logo and had a local sports shop that specialized in computerized embroidery stitch them onto all the appropriate pieces. Cost a bit extra and, of course, wasn't truly original, but it looked good. Here are two pics showing the seats and the side panels.

That looks amazing.. I am pretty happy with the results and the $$$ I spent on it, at least I won't be embarrassed to take it out this summer at least everything was masked off. I had alot of reasons for going with I looked at one of your older posts and saw that you had used them also. Bang for the buck I think it was a great deal and to not overspend on this boat it just made total sense going this route.

I still got some panels to fasten down but I want to make sure it's water tight before I secure the back section, I got my new decals from BAWS, I ordered some from EBAY but as they say you get what you pay for. When I put the two up against each other the one's from ebay did not have the registration mark.. I did order the two tone color and the ebay was the same size as the top layer.. Can't wait to get them put on.

I did get the bilge thru hull connected as well and radio put in correctly now the water cover actually closes so I can also put in the dash panels.

One thing I regret is the doghouse carpet will not be replaced as I do not have enough carpet, so hopefully I can clean it up to match pretty good.
Sorry so long winded and if you get through all this do you have any pictures of the rear seating? Would love to see how yours came out..
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