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Originally Posted by captain planet View Post
I know political threads on this board usually have a short life due to the heated debates they cause. However, I want to do what I can to spread a message that needs to be heard by as many people as possible.

If you are like me, you are tired of what is going on in our government and in our country and we need to get back to the basics. We are in deep trouble folks, and we need to right the ship if we have any sense of responsibility for the next generation. We need to get someone in the White House that isn't going to go with the status quo and truly intends to change things. Therefore I'm starting this; "The Ron Paul Thread".

In this thread I will attempt to keep posting, on a fairly consistent basis, links to videos and news articles concerning Mr. Ron Paul and his message.

I'll start off with a couple of videos and will post a few more in a couple days.

Enjoy everyone!
Originally Posted by oxberger View Post
Good for you CP! I've been keeping up with your other thread and this is definately a step in the right direction, good choice to back as well IMHO. Formally, I don't side with either party and it generally comes down to the lesser of the evils when voting. I'm hoping Mr. Paul gets the party nomination because it will be the first time I don't regret voting. A Libertarian running under the GOP name and winning will be a game changer and I for one welcome it!
Originally Posted by DemolitionMan View Post
I like Mr. Paul but right now I am leaning towards Herman Cain.
Dr. Ron Paul
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