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Thanks. I now have another problem lol. My riser gaskets were leaking, so I removed three of four bolts on one side successfully. The fourth one? Well it broke off with about 3/8" sticking out of the manifold. I've been hitting it with penetrant for a few hours now, and it is not wanting to budge. I'm afraid of the next steps heh. I occupied myself chasing the threads on the other three holes -- those are nice and clean now.

I've also gotten the front two bolts on the other side out successfully. The rear two I've been hitting with penetrant. Is there a such thing as an extra short socket? My box end wrench is not giving me a good fit and I'm more afraid of rounding the bolt off than I am of breaking it.

I'll probably just buy a new distributor from one of those guys. Gotta solve the manifold problem though. Aarghh.

Edit: I was able to read the dist tag. It says D3JL-12100-C I'm not seeing that online.
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