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Originally Posted by willyt View Post
i dont think the center tab is meant to replace ballast, if anything i think in the down position it would be detrimental to the wakeboard/surf wake.

i've seen it destroy a surf wake in about 2 seconds. it actually was pretty funny because the surfer wasnt expecting it *cough*mattscraft*cough*
Did I do that, never Why, why why would you mess up your Son's expert surf set... Because I can

Late, but agree with all the comments, Tab only pushes the bow down, does not sink the boat, which is important to create a bigger nice shaped wake, boarding or surfing, does help with porpoise, lengthen the surf wave (used in small increments) or flatten for ski.

Funny how Tige calls it TAPS to shape the wake, well yes to a point. Personally, outside of the Xstar debate on it's value (TBD on that one), can't imagine not having it on most inboards, combined with outside tabs (Surf Tabs), so you don't have to move people around to level the boat.
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