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Originally Posted by realmastercraft View Post
Ok, I feel that its my turn to speeak here. This is my first post even though I've read the forum for about a year now.

Not to pick on kalmalka, this goes for lots of the possers on here thinking that they actually own a mastercraft. I know that I'm speaking for lots on this forum by saying that I'm growing tired of people who own an older mastercraft or a entry level x series boat like an x1or old *** x2 thinking that they are mastercraft owners. I have a new x30 and paid three times what a used x1 is worth and he's asking if he should accessorize his x1...Give me a break! He's probably the same guy who buys a used old MC and then buys a new MC t shirt and says he's a MC owner.

I saw a guy driving a truck at the launch with a huge mc decal on the back window. Wow, I'm thinking to myself, can't wait to see his boat. This guy backs in to pick up his late 80's prostar, what the #[email protected]^^!!. I'm bothered by these people and I have to vent.

What happened to mastercraft boats being the "elite"

My answer to your question is don't waste your money..
First of all, congratulations on the "new" X 30. It is a pretty boat, but I see why you have not posted until now, bc apparently your crap doesn't stink. I believe you are the minority in this one, as most people that I have dealt with on this forum enjoy other MC boats, new or old. It doesn't matter how much you pay for a boat or what model of MC you own. If you own a 1970 $2k MC that is a piece of crap, you are still a MasterCraft owner. If I wanted to go out and buy, or in your case, probably finance an $80k boat, I can, but I chose not to, as that is my choice. Whenever I choose to turn around and sell my boat, I may actually make money on it bc I was able to get a good deal. To me, that is probably a smarter financial decision, which is rarely the case with boats. If you feel as though you are better than everyone else, hey more power to ya. It just sounds to me like you are compensating for something and I bet you have a big truck too.

kalamalka, Now to the original questions. While I am a bit conservative with how I like for my boat to look, I agree with everyone that says don't do too much, if you don't want to lose too much. However, if you want new speaker covers that set your MasterCraft apart and that makes you feel better, go for it.
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