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Originally Posted by realmastercraft View Post
Ok, I feel that its my turn to speeak here. This is my first post even though I've read the forum for about a year now.

Not to pick on kalmalka, this goes for lots of the possers on here thinking that they actually own a mastercraft. I know that I'm speaking for lots on this forum by saying that I'm growing tired of people who own an older mastercraft or a entry level x series boat like an x1or old *** x2 thinking that they are mastercraft owners. I have a new x30 and paid three times what a used x1 is worth and he's asking if he should accessorize his x1...Give me a break! He's probably the same guy who buys a used old MC and then buys a new MC t shirt and says he's a MC owner.

I saw a guy driving a truck at the launch with a huge mc decal on the back window. Wow, I'm thinking to myself, can't wait to see his boat. This guy backs in to pick up his late 80's prostar, what the #[email protected]^^!!. I'm bothered by these people and I have to vent.

What happened to mastercraft boats being the "elite"

My answer to your question is don't waste your money..
I think you have it backwards, many of these older prostar owners probably had these boats when you were in diapers (guessing at your age). And these older prostars and early Xseries are what made MC what it is today. Question for you, do you really own your boat or does the bank???
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