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Originally Posted by memphis23 View Post
I have a PS 190 and the installer is coming out to do an install. I have a Roswell 4 channel 500 watt amp.

Questions: Can I run two r6 tower speakers on 2 of the channels and then Run the 10 inch sub woofer on one of the channels and then run all 4 of the inside speakers from the last channel.

I know I will lose the Balance and Fade that is not a concern if I can get a little cleaner sound out of my smaller speakers that are in the boat???

No- that would be a bad system design. This is a stereo amp and your head unit is stereo. Use the amp and head unit in the way they were designed and don't cheap out on amplification. You'll like the system more and teh speakers won't die prematurely, assuming everything is installed & set up correctly.
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