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Sorry I haven't posted back to you Jake...
I have a 99 D2 with the 4.0 (188hp) so it's not a speed demon to begin with. Like you mentioned it weighs over 5000lbs so it's got two strikes right off the bat.
It seems to pull pretty good though considering all of the above. Yeah, it's a little more sluggish, and takes a few feet longer to stop, but I would think most vehicles would be like that. A friend of mine has a Jeep Wrangler with a 4.0 and you can feel every little bump, curve, and everything else in the road while pulling my boat. Another friend has a Honda Passport (or something like that) and it is the same way. Behind the Land Rover the pull is really very smooth.
The towing capacity is rated at something like 4400 lbs. in high range and 7000 lbs. in low range so I don't worry about pulling my boat down the highway too much. I will say that I use low range when launching and loading, mainly because I don't have to use much throttle and can minimize some jerkiness. I would buy a '03 or newer Discovery to get the bigger engine.
Definitely not near as good of a pull as a full-sized Ford or Chevy mind you, but good enough for my 5-6 miles to the ramp.
The guy we bought our boat from used a Ford Dully Diesel to pull the boat. I'd say that would yank the ProStar 190 around like nothing.

Edit: Owning a Land Rover is a love/hate relationship. I will be happy if I get 100K miles without a major breakdown. I am at 78K now and have been told several times that if I don't have something major break at or around 80K I have done pretty good. I bought the vehicle with 33K miles and have pretty much babied it since I have owned it. I have put in about $5000, over the cost of the vehicle, to repair "minor" problems. For example, the front driveshaft was $1000 after all said and done and that was me changing it out. Also it goes through brake pads and rotors like someone with halitosis goes through tic-tacs. Maybe mine was built on a Friday during the Rugby playoffs, I don't know.
All that said, I will hopefully keep this vehicle forever, but will not buy another one...
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