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yes, my 6.0 has a 3.73 axle and is absolutely perfect combo for pulling (and not pulling) BUT the new half ton crew (5'8" box) only comes with the small (5.3) v8 and 3.42 axle OR 4.10 axle. I think the truck would be great but am concerned about the 5.3(much lower torque than a 6.0) combined with the high rear axle ratio.

Originally Posted by east tx skier
As far as rear axles go, you can get away with much less than a 4.10 rear and pull a ski boat. Obviously, a 3.73 or so is preferable though.

Edit: Sorry, I'm reading backwards on this thread. What does Chevy offer? A 3.55 or comparable?

I found out (a little late) that my expedition has a 3.33:1 ratio. Didn't even think to look into that when I was shopping for it and might have kept looking had I known. I added a tranny cooler and it tows the boat quite happily with no ill effects and no struggling. It's rated at 6,500 lbs with that rear axle ratio. I think the 3.73 gets it to 7,800 or 8,000 but I'm struggling to remember what I've read at this point.
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