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Originally Posted by Rbrower190 View Post
Alright, I replaced the 3/16 with 1/4 inch and I can get it to a drip rate of about 1 per 8 seconds. The shaft and coupling are very warm after running it at skiing speeds. I can put my hands on it but was surprised how warm it was.

How warm is too warm? I believe I have the correct drip rate and I realize that there is still going to be some heat due to friction. Thanks for any advice and for the help so far!

I say it's OK. Warm to the touch is not bad. Your mileage may vary but the packing gland and that setup is, what it is. What is nice is the closed sealing system that goes in place of the packing gland.

My experience is that the more you mess with it the more difficult it becomes to aim in on, looking for perfection. Once the packing gets compressed and formed, it is hard to re-use for re-packing. Loosen and tightening is OK but that is about as good as it gets for a single use of packing.


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