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Originally Posted by Ski-me View Post
Post #74 shows the "tee" I have that goes to the heater and the shower. I don't know if this is the same method as a real shower (mine came to me jimmy rigged). I also don't have a pump and not much pressure. So if it works for you, I may go the route of that pump, I'm watching.
I am not going the pump route...2 buddies of mine had showers on their boats. One had the fnacy expensive one and it was cool but for $350 less, my other buddy took the route I am taking and the shower worked fine.

If you have low pressure without the pump, you can have the driver put the boat in neutral, pull the pin out and get the rpms up a little and the water will flow nicely.

Damnit, another item I was not intending on doing until I was up at 6am on Sunday and hopped on the board to see what was going on...oh well...easy project.
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