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Originally Posted by tr6coug View Post
Yes, exactly. They ruin all the fun!

The method to start from OFF now is two momentary pushes and then a long push to start. Or if your in ACC then one momentary push and then a long push to start. This is the same as was shown in the video.

If this changes anyone's mind on the order, just PM me. I haven't shipped any yet, so I don't mind sending a refund.
After the lawsuit over the X45 in Cali I can completely understand where you are coming from on this. If someone were to get chopped up by a prop that had your push-button start switch in it you know the suits would go for your throat. Hell, even with a the key switch still in the loop I could see the suits still wanting to have fun with you.

There is a crap ton of liability on products that people and companies sell. If someone wants to offer up a 50 million dollar insurance policy for cheap do it now.

Hopefully something can be worked out and you find a way to offer of the product.

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