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Sorry to dredge this one up and I realize the thread a year old... but do you remember the speed & line length in the wakeboarding pics? I'm just learning to drive for wakeboarders, and I've been reading about the 'sweet spot' for boarding, where the line length is just a bit in front of the wake curl. It would be good to know a starting point for my x14V when I get back in the water this summer.
Depends on weight etc. Different people ride at diff speeds and lengths. I have a few people in my boat that ride at 19.5 and some that ride at 23. All about what the rider is comfortable with along with skill level. Same can be said for rope length. Typically beginners ride a lil shorter when starting jumps etc b/c your crossing is narrower. If someone doesn't know what speed to go I start them at about 19 and let them tell me faster or slower. You can adjust the speed on your perfect pass during a run. Way too many factors depending on your setup.

Also consider how you want the wake shaped. More front weight is going to make the wake rampier and more weight in the back makes it steeper.

Also not sure if/which version of PP you have but on alot you can set up different riders and save the settings so they don't have to remember.
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