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Originally Posted by rodltg2
(CNN) Health Advisory for all water sports enthusiasts.

Health officials have advised CNN of an occurring illness affecting many water sport enthusiasts. Ostreo Mojado otherwise known as " wet bone " has been recently occurring within many waterskiers and wakeboarders at epidemic proportions.

Authorities suspect " wet bone " is more likely to affect wakeboarders and waterskiers due to the forceful injection of water into the body cavities.

Through the forceful injection of water through the anal cavity , the parasite makes its way into your blood stream and finds it's final home in your bones. This is where it begins to multiply and consume your bone marrow.

The symptoms begin to appear within 48hrs of the injection.

Symptoms include :

-Restless Leg Syndrome
-Frequent Urinations
-Hair Loss
-Dry Mouth

The person then begins to feel sluggish, groggy and zapped of energy.
As the illness progress , the person experiences body aches and a heavy wet bone feel.

Although the illness is not fatal , it can cause very serious discomfort.
Officials state that certain tricks such as flips, inverts and draggin through the wakes like Eastie are probable causes.

CNN's Charley Keyes and Suzanne Simons contributed to this report.
Thats no diease Rod, it's called a bad hangover.
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