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Hey all - wasn't sure where to ask this question so thought I would start in the land of wood stringers. Looking to buy a S&S - always loved them and wanted one. I have found a few that need possible stringer work and I know that is a BEAR of a project. Does anyone know what you would be looking at if you paid someone to do it for you? I see a lot of awesome threads on DIY stringer projects, but if I just couldn't get around to it myself, what would it cost me to get it done by a pro? Thanks in advance!
I did one a ski supreme a few years ago while working at a nautique dealer. I believe the guy paid in the neighborhood of the 3k. I don't remember exactly, so that could go 500 either direction. Many dealers won't touch it. Might be worth finding a local place to do it first and get a price estimate.
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