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Agree with ^^^^

The PCM and indmar 351 is the same block. The transmissions will work on either power plant.

If the engine brackets are different then put the indmar engine mounts on the PCM. They bolt in the same spot. The 351 will be identical and I would not want to risk getting then engine in and the transmission hooked up to find out the angles are off or the mounting holes to the hull are not exactly right. I'd put the indmar mounts on the PCM and hook up the standard tranny and hoist her into the boat. Wire it up like cloaked said and call it a day.

Sell the tranny online. Take the bad 351 apart. Salvage all the keep items like intake, maybe heads, alternator, distributor, carb, etc. Scrap the bad block at a wrecking yard for $40 or whatever it weighs in at. Then sell every other item on TT. You will sell the carb or keep it for back up but the ignition, distributor, starter, raw pump etc will go fast or keep as spare parts. The starter, distributor, carb, intake should all work on either brand engine.

If you want to keep it looking like an indmar then put the indmar accessories (raw pump, alternator, maybe water pump) on the PCM and call it a day.
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