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Sad to say but I've found most wiring in boats to be lacking in attention to detail especially if a car audio shop or previous owner has had their hands on it. It would appear this is so because of the cost to do things right. To a large degree most people are more interested in getting cheap than right.

The easiest way to clean up your power and grounding circuits is to install distribution blocks for both power and grounding circuits. This will ensure that all the amps are getting adequate power through large enough cables and that all the grounds are coming to and tied to the same power/grounding source which should be your battery.

Sonic Electroix carries a large assortment of distribution blocks from Streetwires which I have used and have found to be a high quality product. I'm sure there are several other products out there that would do the job just as well but these are the ones that I've used......

You'll also want to be sure the cables supplying power and ground are sized correctly as well. This is one of those areas where larger is actually better. I found Genuine Dealz to be about the best place to get marine quality wire and connectors.

Cleaning up your installation with these components will not be cheap but if you do a little research and take your time it will be done right and will clear up a lot of problems going forward.
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